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What to Avoid When Looking For the Best Soap for Dry Skin

August 24th, 2016

best soap for dry skinMen and women of all ages are looking for the best soap for dry skin so that they are able to keep their body clean without having to worry about making their condition worse. Although there are many different soaps out there that look great and smell great, they are not the best soap for dry skin in most circumstances because that fragrance that you love is not going to love your dry skin in return. This is because people with dry skin are unable to maintain the levels of moisture.

Dry skin is most common when it is colder but certain other factors such as stress and medication can also make it worse. It can come on at any age and both men and women suffer as a result of it but there is an answer. Eliminating certain ingredients in the search for the best soap for dry skin.

Genetic factors can be a cause of dry skin as can low humidity and washing in water that is too hot. Chemicals and aging can also attribute to the condition. As well as finding the best soap for dry skin you will also need to use the right methods to cleanse.

If your skin is extremely dry you will need to ensure you avoid soaps that contain perfumes, chemicals and alcohol all well known for causing dryness and irritation. What suits one person may not be the best for you. You should avoid fancy soaps that are perfumed and opt for moisturizing soaps that are able to cleanse while replacing and locking in moisture at the same time.

Children’s products tend to be less likely to contain harsh products that are drying to the skin especially those that are made for baby skin. Adult soaps especially common brand names tend to get sales because people like the fragrance, shape or appeal of the popular name. You can prevent getting dry skin by finding the best soap for dry skin and using it with only lukewarm water whether you bathe or shower.

You should not spend more than 15 minutes washing in either because prolonged water exposure can also cause further exacerbation. Once you have cleansed you should dry off and then apply a special moisturizer for your skin problem. This will allow you to hold in the moisture from bathing or showering as well as provide extra oils that will benefit the skin and give it the moisture it needs.

It is though that not drying your skin even after using the best soap for dry skin can also cause damage to the surface in the short and long term. It can lead to opportunistic infections such as fungal infections so paying attention to drying water off after bathing before you apply moisturizer is just as important. If you have cracked or drying skin you are open to infection so should visit a dermatologist as you may need a stronger cream to treat the problem alongside the best soap for dry skin.


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