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How Can I Find The Best Soap For Dry Skin?

August 24th, 2016

best soap for dry skin

Anyone that has dry skin will know that it is not easy to find the best soap for dry skin without going through a lot of products that end up making you feel itchy, red and uncomfortable. It can even be painful and cause the skin to crack if you don’t select the right one. The problem is that although there are many different dry skin creams on the market finding the best soap for dry skin is necessary to maintain your person hygiene. Thankfully there is a way that you can have the best of both worlds.

People that don’t have dry skin have oils that keep their skin from getting dry even after using soap. If you are prone to dry skin it washes away that natural oils and they are not replenished as fast. This is especially visible on people that have dark skin because they end up scratching leaving it looking dry and ashy. It’s not only the aesthetic appearance of dry skin that is troublesome, it’s also that fact that scratching can cause you to break the skin which can lead to an infection. That is why finding the best soap for dry skin is so important.

Soap is there to remove dirt, oils and other impurities as well as getting rid of excess oil so that you don’t get spots and greasy skin. This in people that have dry skin can make their dry skin worse as too much of the oil is removed when cleansing. Some soaps are that harsh that even with oily skin people find that they have the opposite effect and can’t get a happy medium.

When you are looking for the best soap for dry skin you should search for one that is specifically made for your problem. It will have moisturizing properties and won’t have harsh ingredients that can cause excess skin drying. You should also remember when cleansing that being in water too long can also have a drying effect which doubles the problem.

Start off by finding a special dry skin soap that doesn’t contain any type of oil or fat added in the processing. You should avoid soaps that have perfumes, dyes and alcohol in them because these can be especially drying. Types of soap that are labelled for sensitive skin can also be the best soaps for dry skin.

Even when you find the best soap for dry skin you should not use it too often. The recommended maximum times to wash your face and other dry areas of skin per day is twice. If your skin isn’t dirty but you want a refresh you can use plain water without any products. Once you have washed your skin you should moisturize to stop moisture from escaping and to stop skin from drying out further.

If your skin is not dry all over but a combination (areas of dry and oily or normal skin) you may need to use separate products for each area so as not to make them worse. A deep moisturizer is great used after the best soap for dry skin, but not so good for oily skin as it can lead to spots or irritation.

best soap for dry skin

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